The Project

Conversion of apartments

The project involved splitting 3 apartments, converting each one into two new rooms. These rooms each consisted of a bedroom and a shower/toilet area.


  • Closing off the original doorways and constructing a new dividing wall, ensuring compliancy with fire regulations. After skimming the new wall, new doorways were cut and frames and doors installed, including all closures and fittings.
  • This was followed by fitting a new frame within the additional rooms to accommodate the new bathroom areas. Skirting and architraves were added along with new light fixtures in the sleeping and bathroom areas. In each bathroom a shower unit, a close coupled toilet and wash basin were installed and plumbed into the existing foul pipe.
  • Once the core works were finished, decoration of the new units commenced the. This included tilling of the new bathrooms, fitting vinyl floor in each room and the painting of all new walls and doors.

Problem Solved

We encountered an issue when initially the work did not pass a sound proofing test. This problem was resolved by blocking a void above the door and involved making a series of holes along the wall length and packing the void with sound insulation. All was signed off as a result.

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